Linking Problem

I have a button link set to an external page that keeps adding a “?” at the end of the URL.

The page on my site that has the button is:

The button on the page is “Parking Information”

The link I’ve put in there is:

But when I publish the page and click on the link it takes you to:

Anyone have any ideas on how I can resolve this conundrum?

I think I may have found the solution:

Instead of just typing in the link, I add the code:

I think just putting in the URL for some https sites causes some issues. Hopefully this resolves that issue from here on out.

For some reason, the code didn’t display. Here it is:

Wow … it disappears every time I post it.

Well, basically, you need to start the link with “<a href=” and then put in your page, and then close it with “/a”

I think you may have to have posted to the forum a few more time before you’re ‘allowed’ to add code to a post.

Nevertheless, happy you got it sorted.


Good to know. Thanks.