List of links that change colour when active

(E) #1


Ive made a test site to create what a client has asked for.Here

He wants the active link in the left hand column to be teal coloured.

Any advice on how to do this?


(Doug Bennett) #2

Not sure what the test page is trying to show. Where do the links go? Another page?

(E) #3

Sorry! Yes they will link to individual pages

(Don H) #4

It looks like you’re using Foundry. You may get a quicker response over in it’s support forums. @Elixir is very helpful.

(Doug Bennett) #5

It looks like you are using Foundry Vertical Nav? On each navigation item, there is a checkbox to Mark As Active. If that is checked correctly, then you could add some custom CSS to change the style of the Active item.
This would require you to have a separate nav-stack on each page. There might be another way, maybe one of the Foundry heavy hitters can jump in.

(E) #6

Good point. Thanks I’ll post over there too. Thanks.

(Doug Bennett) #7

Please don’t double post, on separate Forums. These forums are used for people to search for answers. If you post a question on multiple forums then it never gets answered on all of them. Adam and most of the Foundation people check here as well.