Foundation active menu-item in other color - Help needed!


I used the Tabs Stack in Foundation an created my own Menu for that. The usual one I made invisible. The usual menu from this stack shows, which link is active right now. How can I do this with my own?

My menu is made by pictures in different colors. When e.g. the first one is clicked I wanna show the Pic in a green Version, so the visitor can see, where he is right now.

The Page with the menu you can find here

I tried to solve it in this way:

"#"menu-item1 #stacks_in_20320_page8_panel1 a {content: url(’%resource(Buttons/my_pic_in_green.jpg)%’);
width: 75px;
height: 75px;}

Leave the “” in front of menu-item1, it’s just needed here for correct Textstyle.

But it didn’t work.

Any solution?

Thanks for help.