Loading problem

hi im having an issue with my rapidweaver site. Its been stalling while loading and generally slow - i presumed this to be an image size issue so resized everything - also the stalling isnt repeated on certain images so im at a loss at what the issue could be.

My site is www.dannybird.co.uk

i’d appriciate any advice as to how to stop this happening…

thanks in advance

You have three bigger images in the site. Here is what the inspector shows.

Two almost 1MB, one around 400kb.

These are those images:
This is the one at 1022.16KB

This one is 973.48KB

And this one is the 403.58 KB

Try running them through TinyPNG.com and see if they get any smaller

thanks for this - i’ll give it a go, glad to hear it might only be that …

so i saved any larger files out to around 250kb but still having the same stalling - does it load the whole site up at once? is there anything i can do to improve this?

thanks again

Seems to load pretty quickly for me? This is a long shot…but I’ve recently had issues with my dynamic IP address becoming “unpopular”/flagged by my internet service provider due to constant publishing from within rapidweaver. It seems some server side software mistook my efforts as a dns attack (I presume). It’s happened twice, and only affects the site I am working on, and only from my public ip. The observ d behavior is similar. Each time my isp has released my IP address and once a new one is assigned…voila…issue fixed. While I doubt this is your exact issue, perhaps it’s a reminder to look at less obvious causes? Have you tried the site from various networks and computers?

sounds similar but if i load on my phone i get the same issue. performance is better image to image but if you click through a whole gallery it seems to stall at some unpredictable point…

is anyone else seeing the same issue? for me it loads much faster - all images are 200-350 kb

but is still stalls at unpredictable points - ive tried on different networks and macs and experiece the same issues - has anyone any idea what this might be?

thanks again in advance