Website does not work on I-pad and I-phone


I’m pretty new to rapidweaver. I published the website yesterday. It looks good on PC, I-Mac, Mac book (Safari) and Samsung smartphones. But it does not work at all on I-pad or I-phone.
I used the impact stack and I think that the pictures I used are to “heavy”, I probably need to use a lower resolution.
The site is loading slow on all devices (except the Samsung Smartphone).

Can that be the cause for the issues I-pad and I-phone? Or is there something else wrong.
In the preview everything looks fine.

Thanks for your help!


OK, think the main reason would be the LARGE image sizes you have. I would use a compressed like TinyPGN or JPEGMini and reduce your image sizes.

You can see here, I took that screenshot on my 5K iMac with Retina display, I used tinypng to shrink it from 4.8MB to 1.1 MB. That is A LOT. Also remember, if your Resolution of an image is over 72, change it to 72, as the web can not use more than that.

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Your page at weighs around 18Mb…
Reduce the image sizes…


As @kryten said @Inge - reducing image sizes would help.

After that also run them through imageoptim:

Thanks for the tips! I’ll try it.

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Hi guys,

I finally found time to resize the pictures. They are all reduced to resolution of 72. Loading is much faster but it still is not working on I-pad.
Any other ideas?


Hi, I resized all pictures. Loading time is decreased but the site is still not working on I-pad. The images are loading but nothing else is.
Do you have some other tips for me?

There is a LOT wrong with your page. I would start a ticket at joeworkman(at)support(dot)net. Include your saved project file that you open in RapidWeaver. If the file is over 1MB in size, you will want to compress (or zip) the file and you will have to use a service like Dropbox or Droplr to send it to us. Also include these EXACT versions numbers to these questions:

  1. Version of RapidWeaver
  2. Version of the Stacks Plugin
  3. Version of the Foundation Theme you are using
  4. Version of the Foundation Stacks you are using

Also, the main part of your page says you are using an iFrame, which could be the reason as well, but I need to look at the file to see what it could be.

Thanks again! I’ve created the ticket by sending a mail.
I’m using rapidweaver as a replacement of I-Web. But I do not seem to do such a good job then. :wink:

Hi Robert,

Did you receive the file? I know it will take time but I’m just curious if you received the e-mail.