Local Japanese RW webdesigners

Our congregation here in Japan has a site which I setup back in 2012 - www2.st-john.or.jp. That was in the days of RW5. I started to update the site using the latest RW8 and the new stacks at the end of last year but found that some of the stacks are now broken or no longer supported. Other duties kept me from proceeding to solve these issues then and only now am I getting the chance to resume. I know that there are too many navigational tabs at the top of the site for today’s sites. I am prepared to do without some of them and maybe there is a better way to get round some of the other pages whereby I don’t have so many items at the top. The site needs to be in our native Japanese language and English. We are also considering adding a Vietnamese site when we get somebody to either translate the Japanese or English. Is there anyone here in Japan that could recreate something near as to what we already have in maybe a more modern approach which is, of course, responsive as well? Also does anybody know of responsive RW template that might suit our current needs. Thanking you

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