Yuzoolthemes? no response?

does anybody wether yuzoolthemes is off the line for the moment? i’ve been trying in vain for almost a week to get in touch with them about a small problem i am having with one of their stacks. i had a brief mail back from michael for my first mail and then nothing more…
just wonderin’, tomas

I think Michael’s in Japan isn’t he? Maybe there’s something on his blog to indicate he’s away? He’s usually good at getting back to you.

hallo rob, aka @robbeattie, so nice of you to answer so quickly. so, our dev friend is in japan! good for him! the funny thing is he asked me tzo send him a link to the page with the problem - which i did right away - and then: zilch, nada, nothing…
but maybe you, one of the great rw pundits (in my eyes), would know an answer. i just purchased the “box” gallery stack from yozool. a wonderful little stack, except that the captions showed up once and then decided to disappear! up to now i haven’t found a way to rescurrect them and the client is anxious to get his site rolling. maybe you know of some knack i could use?
thanks much and kind greetings, tomas

Hi @tnittner - flattery will get you everywhere! :sunglasses:

Have you got a link to the site where the problem is?


i just have to stick with the truth . sorry i had forgotten the link, here it is:
thanks greatly, tomas
ps: should need arise i could send you the rw sandwich, it’s not very big yet. tomas

I wonder if it’s something to do with a z-index setting? Can you change the theme temporarily and see if the captions show up?

thank you very much, rob! brillant idea changing the theme! here’s what i found out: it works in “foundation” but not in “screens”, which is a pity because “screens” would be a very lovely feature on this site. i am going to shoot off a message to @zeebe about this, or maybe he’ll pick it up tight here.
thanks again, the mystery seems to be solved, tomas

@tnittner This from Yuzool’s latest email newsletter.

“I’ve been hit by a personal sledgehammer recently and trying to get back on track and refocus. Take this a note as to why if you have emailed me since Friday I haven’t be able to get back to you as fast as usual. Very sorry about that and hope to be back to normal health and support speed in the coming days. Hang in there and back to you soon…”

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thanks much @robbeattie, i already aproached @zeebe with the issue. seems more like a problem with “screens” than “box” stack.
greetings, tomas

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Thanks @robbeattie for supporting @tnittner and filling in

Sorry for the delay and glad it’s worked out. Any more issues let me know via email.
I’m hoping to be back on top of things next week.

Thanks for the support and information.