Localisation of dates in blog page not working

(Frank) #1

Does anybody else have the problem that the “localise” checkbox in the RW blog page options has no effect? The dates are always displayed in English. Ist there a solution for this?

I appreciate any help.


I have this. Checkbox has no effect. My OS X system language is Finnish and I have set metatag “language” as “fi” for the blog page (and the whole site). I can’t see I could do more, localization is just not working. Hence selected not to show the day of the week at all, just numbers.

(Rob D) #3

I’m not sure what languages RW supports. Perhaps your particular language is NOT supported, so RW defaults to English?

(Frank) #4

Thanks for your replies. AFAIK, RW uses the system language for localising dates. My system language is German.

(Pedro Perdomo M.) #5

Although my OS is set to Spanish, and localized checkmark is selected, the dates on blog pages are still in English.

Any clues?


(Pedro Perdomo M.) #6

Any news about this problem?


(Philippe PASQUIER) #7

Same in french? Date are not localized!!! Very boring.