Bug in RW8 Blog Date?

All my blog posts in January post as January 1, 2019. All those in February are February 2, 2019. March, March 3, 2019. April, April 4, 2019.

Do you see the pattern? The day of the month is the same as the number of the month.

I am using the Depth theme by Nick Cates and contacted him. He said it is a RW issue.

Yes it is a bug. (I believe)
I created a test blog and the current month appears to get inserted for the day.
Hopefully the screen shots explain the problem?
I DON"T like the blank space seen in the date field when creating the date, it probably should be a “0” and
I think that could be the issue but just a guess.
I use Poster Blog as my preferred blog stack so I don’t have the issue.
I did use the RW blog in RW7 and do not remember an issue then…

This isn’t an issue with the different formatting of dates ?


not a bug, an operator error?
It is possible you have 2 fields in the date with the month but in different formats…
This is possible to allow the different month/day or day/month layout no doubt.
It should be a simple fix. Unless there is another issue?

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Where’s the face palm emoticon? Exactly the problem. Funny thing is I don’t think I ever touched these settings as I did not know they were there. Thanks!

We are frequently reading on this forum about some users who have major problems after updates and I wouldn’t be surprised that many minor issues could be introduced as randomly? I now wonder what the default date format for the various versions has been :wink:

A programmer would be taught not to let that happen but the international date format contains some ambiguity.
I looked back at the old RW7 Manual I downloaded and referred to when I was learning and there is no warning
that I see. So don’t be upset.
I’m glad that you solved it.

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@curiouschuck - the date format output of the blog page is customizable. it looks like the original poster just had it customized a to have it display “day/day/year” instead of what they intended.

although i’m not the developer, i believe the internal date format is an NSDate. this type of date is universal and can be translated displayed in a zillion ways including the locale of nearly everyplace on earth.

this is should be the way of things for everything on your mac. and that way when you interact with date they should be in whatever your preferred format is. and you can set the specifics of that preferred format in the Dates/Times System Preferences pane and the Region/Language Preference pane.



Thank you Isaiah. I came to understanding why the developers left the choice to the end user. It is straightforward but leaves room for error.
I think there could be a caution, perhaps in the unused area of the block below the fields that there is potential to duplicate the entries, for the unaware.
Or just update the manual to reflect that :wink:

It’s not my software, so take my opinions with a grain of salt…

It’s always a tough – how much should you prevent users from making mistakes. Which mistakes? How should you prevent them?

Warnings are a little like road signs. If you put up too many, most users will learn that they’re rarely useful, after a while they all get ignored. When they all get ignored then users miss the super important ones too – where they might lose data or make a permanent change.

In other words, too many warnings can be just as harmful as too few.

Most developers save warnings for only the most important things. For harmless, impermanent mistakes it’s often best to let the user discover them naturally. That’s what Preview mode is for, after all.

A bit in a manual? Perhaps. But almost every setting and checkbox has some nonsensical combination. Is it helpful to describe each way you misconfigure things? Again, my preference would be describe how something works and so long as the nonsensical stuff is not harmful or permanent – let the user deduce the rest naturally.

Everyone has their own feelings on this stuff – but you can find most of the guidelines I’ve laid out here in the Apple Human Interface Guidelines document. The guide to building consistent user-friendly software that Apple gave developers in 35 years ago. They really are pretty solid. :slight_smile:

" Warn people when they initiate a task that can cause an unexpected and irreversible loss of data. Such warnings are important, but like other alerts, they lose their impact if they appear too often. Don’t warn users when data loss is the expected result. For example, the Finder doesn’t warn users every time they throw away a file because getting rid of the file is the expected result."


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What percent of users of RW are professional version a guy like me who is trying to put a web site together for his local business? The pro will likely know his way around and catch these things. The pro needs and wants more things to tweak.

With a bit more poking I would have probably got it. But I did get the help I needed on the forum. I’d rather have more options than fewer.


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