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I am trying to make the logo on the website larger as its way too small, I have tried uploading different sized PNG files but it does not change the logo size, and cannot find the logo height option in the settings anywhere.




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Sorry guys, just thought there was a universal setting somewhere…

Theme is ‘Engineer’



Tested with my logo which fills the space allowed and looks OK. Not sure how to do what you want, but I only know little CSS. With these fixed themes choosing the theme that works best is half the problem and why I chose Offroad. Post your logo? Perhaps just a redesign? Or others will know :wink:

If you’re looking for help customizing, it’s always best to include a URL to at least a test page. Otherwise you’re going to have to wait for someone to “recreate” the environment (theme) your using.


Hee is a link so that you can see what is happening:


The logo is 600 x 150, I have tried enlarging the image so that its 4000x1000 and I still get the small, cannot read logo in the top left of the screen.


This must be a limitation of the theme maybe? I can confirm that Logo Type 001.png is 600x150 0n the server, but the code is setting it to 36 x 9.

I don’t use any pre built themes, so I’m not familiar with ‘Engineer’, but you could try contacting the developer to see if there is an option to change the logo size.


The logo area in the Themeset a max width of 150px for the logo.

The sample I see has a 36px logo image.

Not sure what you have in the logo in settings right now, but I just tested putting a 600 x150 image into the logo and it came out like this:


.navbar-brand img {
width: 150px !impoortant


You can get help from any third party app. I usually, reset the size via paint when I don’t have option available. You can also check the height via view source.

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