Why is my site logo way oversized?

I added a site logo from the configure>general option in RW 6.3.7. While the logo is resized properly on the in app preview, when I export or simply preview in Firefox the logo is displayed at the original image dimensions of 992x250. I tried it both with the Official theme and the MarketIt theme. Do I need to resize the logo before dragging it into RapidWeaver. Also I tried the Normalise function which failed to normalize any images and I also added the following site-wide CSS code which didn’t make any difference either: “#logoContainer {max-height: 300; max-width: 300}”. And yes, all pages are set to use the Master Style. Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.


Yes, I’d try resizing before adding to RW; and maybe adding ‘px’ to your 300 maxima.

Thanks for the reply Mark. BTW, changing the code had no effect. I would up resizing the image and reinserted. I’m still disappointed it wasn’t automatically resized.

Also make sure the image is 72 dpi. Anything other than that is likely to result in the image being scaled up or down in some web browsers.

What are the dimensions of the logo in the “general” setting? 72 dpi is a good start thanks @willwood