Longtime user lost password no email seem to retrieve? Stuck


I’ve been using RealMac I believe since v5 or before? I’ve updated my computer and was able only drag copies of RealMac software v6 and v7. What I thought was my license info doesn’t seem to work and I seem to be lost from any of the forum passwords and user names I’ve created over the years.

I created a new forum account to try to figure this out. I manually seem to have the program working with my plugins but only in trial mode. Tried multiple times to get my password reset but never get any emails back. Tried not only the emails I have on file but others just in case.

Help, need to update a site for a client and can’t even get the program up and running.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Take care,
Rich Sims

The best thing to do is contact Dan at Realmac. They should be able to trace your orders and explain how you can re-install. Good luck!


Just a heads up, I responded to your ticket!

Apologies for the slight delay.

Thanks guys, ended up purchasing the upgrade today on the sale and that seemed to solve the problem because this gave me a new password.

Thanks for the help,

Take care,

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