HELP PLEASE unable to activate

I changed my Mac but when I restored all files & apps from a Time Machine backup, Rapid Weaver opens in trial form and requests activation.
I have clicked on the button to request activation number email more than seven times but have not received any email. I cannot find a direct contact email address in the Realmac web site.
How can I resolve this please?

Perhaps you have it in the email you received when you first bought the software?

There’s a help page for licence and activation issues here if you’re still in need.

Did you already use on two Macs? If so you need to un-register one as only copies on two machines are allowed. De-register is on the “Register” menu.

Thanks guys.
I already tried the options on the licence page but they all end up at pages where I have to enter my email address and will then receive an email with the activation code. Problem is - I never receive the email.

Email itself is working fine so no issues there.

No, I do not still use the original Mac.
The logic board failed and I have replaced the Mac.

Missed the message about the first email.
Although I usually save all these details in a separate folder, Sod’s Law I did not with RW and no longer have the email.

I think is the official support email address.

Thanks Neil.
I have just sent a request - fingers crossed!

Are you going through a Paddle account? If so, I have had the same problem with resetting a password where emails never reach me although I do not appear to have any filters on my incoming mail. It would be worth checking that you havent any spam traps that automatically delete at server level, not that this was helpful to me!
I was lucky in that I found my lost PW!

Not being a technical person I do not know what you mean as a ‘paddle account’
All my email accounts are POP boxes with only mild spam filters. I have checked trash and there is nothing there. All other email is working fine - I get double figures every day so no problems there. Following up on a suggestion here, yesterday I sent a message to support@ to which I received an auto respond message so hopefully I might even get a real message soon. Thanks for your interest. Ian

Paddle is the distribution software that RapidWeaver uses.
If you have a login you can retrieve purchased stuff here
But I think the problem is you didn’t receive the email to get your paddle account setup.
You could try the automatic recovery page at
If that doesn’t work then you need to wait to hear back from support.

Hi Guys,
In desperation I just sorted through old files on USB hard drives and found the original activation code from May 2016. Tried it and it worked!
Thanks everyone for your interest and support.
RW is a great application but in my experience, contact with Realmac stinks.

Hey Ian,

Glad to hear you were able to recover that serial. I do apologize for the trouble you’ve had with that. Our order lookup/license retrieval system only works with orders placed in the last 1-2 years (since we’ve moved to Paddle Inc for payment processing). That is most likely why you didn’t receive an email.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch in the future should you require further assistance - happy to help!

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