Looking for a specific image slider stack


I am building a website for a cafe that is also selling chocolate pralines.

I’m looking for a stack that is able to do this kind of slide where more than one image is visible at the same time, please see link (scroll below chocolate beans for animated chocolate goodness):

I’m using foundry, but I think there is no foundry stack that can do this…

Thanks & cheers!

Similar to this https://rwextras.com/mastergallery/

This type of slider is typically referred to as a “carousel”. There are many slider stacks available that can display images/content in that style.

Here’s a recent thread started by someone looking for a smilier effect. It has a number of suggestions.

Slidetastic might work for you.


Thanks guys, I completely forgot about carousel :roll_eyes:
I bought the Complete Carousel stack by 1LD, works like a charm!

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