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I’d like to create a sliding set of photos with company logos I have recorded for across the bottom of my website. Right now, my site looks lousy since all the images are a different size, etc. Could I do this within Rapid Weaver or do I need to do this outside the software? If so, how? Thanks in advance.

Riley Wilson

Do you have the Stacks plugin?
if so, there are a lot of options. One of my favorites is moving box, you can’t find it at There are plenty of others out there.

Sure you can do it with one of these themes, no plugin needed just:

Looks like you’re not using the Stacks 4.0 plugin. If you invest in that, the amount of functionality you can add to your site will increase enormously. There are dozens of ways to display images of all shapes and sizes using add-on stacks which are available separately from Stacks itself.

If you don’t use Stacks, then your options are limited and you’ll probably have to find a third party slider like Nivo (Nivo Slider - Awesome jQuery Slider Plugin | Free jQuery Plugins) and incorporate it yourself.

Or use the built in Photo Library page type and import it into your existing page using the PlusKit plugin. But that’s a whole thing…:sunglasses:

As Lucas suggests, you can find a theme that has a built in slider but if it were me, I’d buy Stacks 4.0 and take it from there.


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I just got Stacks 4 and its a really great addition to RW. Can I create a series of scrolling photos within Stacks or will I need a 3rd party to do that? Thanks.


If you mean a slideshow, then you’ll need a ‘stack’ - note the lower case. There are loads to choose from, depending on how you want the slider to work, whether you want captions, arrows, dots, etc.

Take a look at Vegas which is flexible and inexpensive.
Or Superflex
and although it’s quite old now, I’ve always liked Orbit because you can mix and match images and text or just have a text-based slider or indeed, more or less any stack you like.

And there are plenty more.

OK so I need a 3rd party Stacks add on. Anyone experienced with Refined Slider? I simply want to create a long narrow slide show with thumbnail photos of client logos I have worked for in the past. Bill’s site has them about a third of the way down here-

Home - Bill DeWees - Male Voice Talent

Home - Bill DeWees - Male Voice Talent

About Bill Bill DeWees has recorded thousands of projects for many of the world’s leading brands, including: Wal…



Tons of great options using stacks (the “lowercase” building blocks used with Stacks the “uppercase” structure plugin), but one of my favorites is super flex 3 from nick cates.

I have not used Refined Slider, but all of Will’s stacks are very good. He is also very nice in that he provides demo version you can download and try to make sure they work for your needs before you buy them.

From your example, I think you’re going to want a “carousel” slider stack. Carousel displays multiple images/slides at the same time and cycles through them. A regular slider stack typically shows one at a time. Will’s Slider Stack looks to work in carousel mode.

I’ve looked at Orbit- does it do a carousel slide? Thanks.

Slick Slider is a good choice for image carousels too:

The online demo is not great (the caption text is poorly contrasted against the page background), but there are some good options available inside this stack to change many aspects of it. A free demo version available to download too.

Lot of slider options here to find also:

Thanks everyone. I ended up get Orbit and it seems to work nicely. Now if I can simply get every image the exact same size…

Riley Wilson

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