Lost Photos - Version 8.0.3 (20142)

I find lots of reports of photos missing, but no answers as how to fix it. Does anyone know?

I’d like to get my site published.


Where were the photos?
Did you drag them onto a page?
Are they in resources?

I took photos from my desktop and dragged them onto the web pages. They initially appear in resources, but once you close the project and reopen, they are gone.

I just discovered that if I leave the photos on my desktop it works fine. However, I certainly don’t want these on my desktop forever so RapidWeaver works. I’d think that once you drag them onto the webpage they are no longer needed from the desktop.

If I leave them on my desktop and publish the site, how’s the site going to pull them from my desktop? And if I don’t leave them on my desktop I’ll never be able make any changes to the site.

You could try the selecting “Site Resources > Copy into Document” under the “Advanced” settings tab.


I think in 8.03 it’s still called “make Document Portable”, Can’t remember for sure, but I think they renamed it in the 8.1 beta.


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