Problems with dropping photos on to webpages

Hi, sorry to bother people, but I’ve had an odd problem.
Previously I could take a jpeg photograph with my iPhone, drag it to my desktop, re-name it, put it in resources and then drag it on to one of my webpages to be published.
I think yesterday a new version of RapidWeaver was installed 8.6.2 (macOS up to date).
Now if I try to do the same thing. The photo dragged from resources lands sideways in the edit mode and does not appear in the simulate mode.
But if I drag the photo directly from Photos into resources (avoiding the desktop), then change the name, and then drag it on to the my webpage, it works fine.
So the question is what am I now doing wrong, when it worked a couple of weeks ago?
If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

Me too. I have problem putting photos in a Stacks page.

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