Making Headers behave like sticky navigation

Is there a way to make a Header constantly visible at the top of a page no matter how far down you scroll? I want it to be like what you see with Sticky Navigation.

I don’t want it to be a link.
I just want it to be visible.

Can this be done?

Just be careful with how much screen space you take up with “sticky” content. I often browse on a 13: MBP. I’ve come across a number of websites that take up 20-25% of my vertical screen height with sticky content. It makes it hard to see/read the main content, which is what I came to their site for. I don’t stay on those websites very long.


I agree 100% with Don @DLH,

Sticky Stuff is distracting at best, use caution.

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Thanks guys. I hadn’t really thought about how much space a header would consume.
Definitely do not want to annoy my visitors.

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