Managing large amounts of photos in Rapidweaver

I own a music related fan website with hundreds if not thousands of photos. Uploading the updates take a lot of time, sometimes RW even crashes on it. I was wondering if any of you have a better way to manage this. The photos I post are all uploaded from my hard disk. I have heard it seems to be possible to add photos from the website server, but not sure how this works, and if it isn’t a lot of extra work, as opposed to adding photos from my hard disk. Any suggestions are welcome!



Hi @bert51

In the community, this is called image warehousing. Several stacks and plugins support this including WeaverPix

I hope that helps you find what you’re looking for. It’s definitely doable :smile:


What about using a flickr or instagram account and using one of the stacks that pull images from there?

I’ve done what both Jabostick and goinup suggest and either way works great. If you have a ton of pics definitely use the warehouse function of Weaverpix to keep the project file small. Using a stack that pulls in from the cloud or a photo site like Flickr, Instagram also works great and keeps file small also. If you go the Flickr, etc route you probably won’t have as many options on how to display the photos as you do on Weaverpix. There are a ton of themes that come with WeaverPix and more available at the developers site or Will Woodgate’s themeflood site. With these you can make your display of the images look almost anyway you want. Bonus is both these guys have some of the best customer service you could ever hope for. If you go WeaverPix route and warehouse images make sure you have the most current version of php installed on your Website server or WeaverPix won’t work with warehousing. I spent a better part of a day pulling my hair out and found out a simple one click php update solved all my issues.