Images disappearing from webpage - again -What?

(RW8, Stacks, Foundry)

Hi and good day,

From ONE page 2 images have disappeared - again. Has happened with other pages before.

What is going on?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

With best regards,
Omar KN

I’ve never had issues with images or other resources because I always “warehouse” everything so I don’t know what’s causing your issues.

Where are you storing your images? Inside the project? On your desktop?

If the images are stored inside the RapidWeaver project, you shouldn’t have issues.

Hi Neil,

Do you mean the resources module for ”warehousing” the pictures?

I had been guessing so earlier, but at one point it would not accept an image being dropped into it, so I gave up,
but today it worked.

One disadvantage with this resources module is that there is no list view, and when you have 50 images (and growing) it maybe difficult to find something there afterwards - if need be.


with best regards,

Omar KN

Stockholm, Sweden

To be honest I don’t use RW to manage the resources/images. I keep them on the web host and link to them from within the project.

If you’re linking to images that are kept in a folder on your Mac, this could be causing issues.

In RW8, under Settings>Advanced, there’s a checkbox to copy site resources into the document. Have you selected that option?

If you want to find out more about warehousing, there’s a good write up here.

Hi Neil,

I’m going to read the write up.

But in my settings I don’t see ” copy site resources into the document” ?


with best regards,

Omar KN

Stockholm, Sweden

Sorry, not those settings.

Well in Project Settings > Advanced > Site Resources Copy into the document,

So this is checked and RW people should have a look into it (the problem of disappearing images from webpage).

Re: Warehousing the media:
(= to have the media manually uploaded to a server and link it from there)

The argument for warehousing is not to avoid ‘my problem’ (see thread title), but because (the RW default upload / publish mechanism) ”means that if you add lots of files to your website in RapidWeaver, chances are that publishing will take much longer.”

I probably would consider it, once my site is finished at some stage,
however for my minor site, I would prefer RW’s default upload system. -if it were reliable, of course.

Also with Warehousing I’m a afraid of the workload, right now I have 50+ images,
and linking back all of them!

Anyway I want to thank the RW community for their support!


with best regards,

Omar KN

Stockholm, Sweden

@OmarKN: Warehousing isn’t just done to avoid slow uploads. It’s done also to increase reliability. (E.g. your situation comes to mind.) 50 photos is not a “little”.

One way to warehouse easily, plus get the relevant links easily, is to use the Repository stack by @instacks. Very useful to look into.

I know what RW is supposed to do, but Repository will list all your resources/warehoused items just like you want (by name, by date, etc.). And you can double check their size. Too many people upload images that are way too large (e.g. way more than 300k).

It may not be the solution for you, but it’s definitely work a look.

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Very interesting, thank you.

/ OmarKN

The link is:

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