Manual for Rapid Weaver 8

Hi, as nice as it is plodding through video tutorials, is there a manual for RR 8. I believe some of the functionality of the software is getting missed due to lack of familiarity with features of the software. There seems to be no manual to make a quick reference of. I have one dating back to RR4, but it mostly doesn’t address new features.

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There is no manual for RW8, there never has been unfortunately. But, you can get a manual for RW7, which is pretty close.

We’re working on a revamped documentation system now, this will hopefully go live around the time of the next big RapidWeaver release later this year.

In the meantime, please keep working through the tutorial videos, or ask for help here!



Thanks for this. I find reading a manual superior to video presentations. They both have their places, but videos don’t reference as easily.


Wow I have to say no manual isnot OK.
You’ve had a whole year to get it together. Videos are NOT a replacement for a manual. Unimpressed you would release a complex programme with no manual. RW7 had a great pdf manual. Why not 8?

So sorry about that, we’re a much smaller team now, so are rather stretched. We’re doing what we can and trying to keep things afloat. We’re working on one for the launch of the next version of RapidWeaver later this year.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have about RapidWeaver here on the forum and we’ll do our best to help.

Sorry I don’t have better news. We’re only humans and trying to do our best.


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From my perspective, the real manuals needed aren’t for Rapid Weaver itself but for the myriad of Stacks, Themes and Frameworks for RW. Most of those authors do a pretty good job of manuals for their products. Some have videos in addition to written manuals or mostly videos only. I applaud those who do have written instruction. I find written manuals most helpful also. The basics of RW hasn’t changed that much from version to version IMHO, so I don’t care that much for one specific to 8. However, those others I mentioned above are going gangbusters with additions and changes. Hard to keep up sometimes.

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