Rapidweaver 8 needs a Manual

Hi all,
I JUST BOUGHT Rapidweaver 8. The FIRST THING I did was click Help > Rapidweaver Manual.
No go. After 30 minutes of poking around I find that there is NO manual. Instead we have to make do with the manual for Version 7.
Is this normal?
Peter H.

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Fair question Realmac. Fine software and I’m enjoying my journey of discovery through the features and third-party plugins and stacks, but a manual seems basic 101 stuff. Any response.


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It’s been discussed on here a few times. My understanding is that RealMac either doesn’t have the resources or the interest to produce a written manual.


The videos are actually good.
BUT finding specific SPECIFIC bits of information in the videos is very hard, unlike in a well written manual.
So how about making an index of what’s in the videos?
This way we can search the index (e.g. use command-f) and if it’s in the index, jump to the appropriate video.

Another idea: how about one of the customers write “RapidWeaver - the Missing Manual” and sell it?


I wish that Joe Workman would do documentation, too. Getting through the videos for the more complex stacks is a pain.


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