Marvel theme issues

I’m using Marvel theme and can’t get the background area of the mp4 banner to be smaller. I have a video here vs image. Frustrated I can’t center the video or make the area surrounding it smaller. Any suggestions to try? THANKS ALL! @dan
Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 3.38.07 PM|602x500

Be sure to tag @dan about Marvel as they’re the developers of it now. This way he sees it and can assist you with your issue.

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You might want to give a URL to the page you having issues with.

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I haven’t uploaded it yet. Waiting to get it the way I want it first! :slight_smile:

Thanks for that! :heart:

Without a URL to at least a test page it’s going to be hard to get help. It difficult to see what issue you are having from a single jpeg.

I just tried a sample video banner on Marvel, and it seems to work fine for me.

OK I’ll upload at some point soon. Need to make a few more changes. But I did put a screen shot of what I was talking about. I can’t make the area around the video smaller and the video is not centering like a photo does on other page. Also there is another quirk. When I pull up the styles for the theme, I have to click on the style BELOW the style I want to see for it to come up. And that means I can’t even view aspen style since its last. If that make sense.

OK I published just the one page for everyone to see - I need to get that video either centered or make the background area it’s on smaller! Thanks!!! @dan

You can make the box smaller, but the video scales…so it will never fill the box…you need to edit the video the fit the box.

I have a friend who just send me code to try. So far works on one of the page. Different from what is in the Marvel tutorial. But it’s working.

Did you apply that code on the page?

I just checked and there is no video banner playing for me.

Could you share the code that your friend provided you?

Other people reading this might be having a similar issue.

I’m not sure what you mean here, what do you mean when you say “pull up the styles for the theme”?
You also mention Aspen (another theme), you have been talking about Marvel theme,.

Here is a sample page that uses the video banner on Marvel, using the instructions and code still available on Nick”s site.

I put in the code and it’s working fine now. I actually think much of the issues are stemming from upgrade on RW not from the themes. I’m having problems with many stacks and themes. Never had issue till I did RW upgrade is website - you can see video is loading now.

What I mean is the built in themes - If I click the 3rd theme in the list the 2nd one loads. Can’t load the last one for that reason. I do think this is RW upgrade issue as I’m having problems with other themes and stacks.

I’m running the latest version of RapidWeaver, but not on the latest macOS. I’m not experiencing anything like this or the other problems you said you are experiencing with the video.

You probably need to report this stuff to RealMac support (@dan , @Aaron ).

In the meantime you can always go back to a previous release here.

You can pick the older release and see if that clears up the problem.

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You make an interesting point. I upgraded to Big Sur around the same time I did the RW upgrade. I would advise people not to do it. I am tempted to go back to the old version but I’m trying to find simple work arounds now since I put so much work into this already! Frustrating!

I am on the latest OS & latest RW and I am seeing none of what you are talking about.

I don’t know what’s going on then. I’m having so many issues all around. Also inconsitancies. I can get a video stack to load and upload with no problem. Shut down RW and then reopen it and have the stack not working. I purchased 3 different video stacks same issue. At least I got it uploaded for now while working. Also issues with stacks that do columns. For instance tried to use a right photo left text stack and the photo only loads on top of text ended up doing 2 columns instead.

This is just me…but stop using resources to store videos and large file…put them in a folder on your server and point to them…they never go away and your project file doesn’t explode in size.

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Thank you Joe, I will do that! Excellent idea I did not think of. Appreciate that. But know all those other issues started long before I had any video in my resource file and I was using other themes. That is why I then decided to try Marvel. I figured it was newer and maybe everything would work better.

I am a Foundation 1 & 6 guy…not a theme guy in years.