Mountain Theme Banner not Displaying


By adding the image to the individual pages, that seems to work. I’ve also noticed that the banner is being blocked by some content blockers. Is there anyway to avoid that? It’s just a simple picture.

using the global banner image and changing doesn’t seem to do anything. bugs…

I am unable to get the mountain theme banner to appear on my website ( I have tried three different Mac browsers (Safari, Chrome and Brave). Even if I remove my custom banner the default one does not show up. I’ve tried different pictures and different sizes.

I’m guessing at this point I need to use custom CSS to use a photo?

Of course in the tool itself the photos all show up fine.


Might want to say what “content blocker” you’re referring to.

Now everything seems to work fine, and I can’t recreate the error…checked windows chrome and IE this morning and they are fine. As usually is the case, work on the error, finally post it on a support side,…and them suddenly we are good. I’ll take it. The theme is quirky…as they all are.

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