Abstract theme not showing banner image when published

I’ve built a custom banner for the Abstract Theme and have been using it for years now. I had to make some changes to the site, uploaded it and now the custom banner is not showing when published. Ideas anyone?

Hi @Vicky,

Looks like Abstract is from Adam over at @Elixir and it supports custom banners.

Do you still have the custom banner image that you made awhile back? If so seems you can use one of those custom banner slots to stick your banner image in and re-publish the site. I don’t have the theme, but generally you stick custom banners in RapidWeaver’s Settings >> General >> Banner box for a global site banner, or RapidWeaver’s Page Inspector >> General Settings tab (1st one), Override Site Banner box for a page specific banner image.

Then you might need to select the custom banner slot in the theme’s settings (page styles), but again I don’t have the theme, just making a guess based on how other themes generally work.

Thanks for your help! I’ll look into this and letcha know if I can get it swingin’!

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