Mouse down contact form problem

Hello my site;,
I am using site wide code in the Head I have included;
This unfortunately disables my contact form, from Doobox, any work arounds that can be offered preferably to exempt the contact page would be greatly appreciated, thanks in anticipation D

This is the site wide code in the Head section

Looks like a question for @Doobox and whoever makes the theme you’re using. I couldn’t right click and View Source to find out I’m afraid.


@robbeattie Off topic here, but you can hold down command and option and push I to get the inspector up.

The page looks pretty messed up in the console. Somehow you have managed to get all the code that should be in the head inside the body tags instead. If you could post the code you are using in site wide, and state which site wide field it is added to please.

  • every time I look at it it changes the way the html is formed in the console. Maybe your doing re-uploads as we speak.

Contact form inside a gradient inside an animation stack inside a defender stack and possibly inside another animation stack… ouch.

This is the code in the Head Section

Your obviously having difficulty posting the code here. Don’t worry. Try removing it even if only temporarily, and give us a shout when done, and re-published all files. I can take another look. At present something is badly affecting every page in your site. And from what we know so far it points at what ever your adding to site wide.

Thanks republished previous version with update not using site wide code & appears ok, but why I can not use site wide code & adapt for contact page is currently beyond me; is the page, many thanks D

It’s pretty much impossible to determine what’s going on there, as there is just to much going on there. But I can say with certainty that this is not related to the contact form. The fact that you were unable to set the focus in a field in the form was down to something you added in site wide code.

FTR: Things still don’t look right there. I’d expect to see a lot of the stuff after your opening body tag in the head section.
Maybe you amended the theme file? (see attached).

I suggest you create a new test page in the project. (a stacks page). Add just one paragraph of text using a default text stack. Publish. This will make it possible to see what’s really going on a little better.

Thanks @zeebe but I’m on Windows 10 on this machine and running Chrome. I can’t think of another site that right click doesn’t work for.

I had that as well. I eventually found a spot on the site where right-click worked - if you go straight left from the ‘send email’ button out to the textured background, for example.

Hello & thanks for the response, I had no suspicion that it was any problem with the software merely my incompetence. The code that appears to be in error & placed in the header section of the site wide code & previously uniquely omitted in the contact form page is;
If that is present on this post maybe you can suggest a method of excluding the contact page from the code if I use it site wide? If the code does not get published I will do as you say & publish the simple stacks page. Thanks again, D

 <script type="text/javascript">

// BRON:
document.onselectstart = new Function(‘return false’)
function ds(e) { return false; }
function ra() { return true; }
document.onmousedown = ds;
document.onclick = ra;