Contact Form behaving bizarely

Each time I click on the contact field it jumps to another site.
Version 7.2 (18453b)
Using latest versions of boxedo (tried another theme same problem)
and contact form
Any help would be appreciated.

Looks as though the code from your Linkedin button is extending into the contact form somehow.

Can you try deleting the Linkedin button and publishing again to see if that fixes the contact form problem? Then if it does, try adding the Linkedin button again and seeing what happens.


The problem seems pretty obvious looking at the page: there’s a link wrapping the entire contact form.

Why it’s doing that is anyone’s guess.

You have a number of things going on here: a contact form, some 3rd party stacks, and pluskit. The problem could be coming from any one of those things. Or, more likely, from the mixture of them.

I’d recommend a couple things:

  1. Try to remove PlusKit from the equation if you can. It always makes things a bit more complicated than they need to be. If there’s no way to remove it consider using the PlusKit 4 beta: The Future of PlusKit

  2. Check for any content that’s problematic around the LinkedIn link. That is where things seem to be going wrong.

  3. If all else fails then share the project with us: zip your project file and your entire addons folder, and share with – with the project file in front of us we can provide exact details of why things are happening and what to do about it.