Move a page from one file to another?

Hi Everyone - I was planning on creating two different pages, on for each of my classes finals as we’re now all working from home. I daftly created them as separate files and after finishing decided to create a main page and have them both under that. As I said, daft.

Is there a way to bring one page over from one file to become a page in another or do I have to copy each stack element individually?

I’m using foundry and the pages are copies of each other with separate content as the differentiator.

I need a drink. Thanks in advance

Open both project files and drag the page from one to the other.

That’s amazing - I just finished copying and pasting everything for one page - I’m ready t5o do it your way for the next. Thanks so much!

Just saw your next response - thanks again! Looks like I don’t have to cry myself to sleep tonight :slight_smile:

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