Moving Box 2 breakpoints

Anyone know if the first breakpoint should be for larger or smaller screens? i.e., should I put the larger screen size in breakpoint 1 and smaller screen in breakpoint 2 or vice-versa?
@joeworkman @zeebe

I would assume that breakpoint 1 is tablet and two is phone

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That’s what I thought, but I can’t figure it out.

They have settings for breakpoint 1 default as 480 and breakpoint 2 as 660, so does that mean it’s the reverse? I’m trying to set the slideshow to show 3 images in desktop, 2 in both landscape and portrait tablet and 1 in iPhone. None of the settings I change seem to work.

I’m using Foundation and I’ve noted this: “Foundation is Mobile First. Therefore, the breakpoint will trigger moving from small to large screens.”

So am I counteractive?

So 1 is phone, 2 is tablet, try setting 1 to 325 just to see

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ok, that helped, thanks, Scott. My brain gets confused by the above, below, etc and which way to go. Finally got it :slight_smile: