Moving from Dashboard to N-Spire Deux: some issues

(Diego) #1

I sent a message to the developer support, but waiting for an answer I try also in the forum. Maybe someone is using the same theme and can help me…

I want to redesign my web site from Dashboard to N-Spire Deux, because I think this Nick Cates theme is best suited for smartphone access.
It seems very easy to change the look of the pages with the new theme, but there are some behaviors I do not understand:

  • in the smartphone preview the menu icon has two lines instead of the usual three lines
  • in all the previews (desktop, tablet and iPhone), the font remains Helvetica as in Dashboard and it seems impossible to change it, but in the sample page of the theme the font is different (Rubik, as I see inside the Theme folder).
  • It is impossible to change the font options, maybe because are related to Rubik, not Helvetica.
  • the logo in the smartphone size became very small and unreadable. Is it possible to override it with a small sized one, only for smartphone? (ok, the other option is to hide logo in smartphone view).

Just discovered…

  • i tried to add some social icons+link in the sidebar, so I copied the snippets from the theme manual, add my social addresses, set “ignore formatting”, but the icons do not appear.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

(Jonathan Spencer) #2

I think the two lines for the mobile menu is on purpose, there is no convention that says you have to have three lines.

It doesn’t look like you can change the font.

I would hide the logo.

Have you tried placing the social icons snippets to the Settings>Code>Body

I contacted the developer recently and he replied within a day but it was during the week, they are allowed time off!

Nicks themes are lovely and I have a few myself but as with all pre-styled themes you have to accept there will be limitations to what you can change.

(Diego) #3

Thank you for the reply.
Ok, there are no font change options in N-Spire Deux, but in the Title, Menu, Footer, and so on I wanted to have the N-Spire Deux default font, Rubik, not Helvetica I have now in Dashboard.
I tried putting the social snippets… everywhere. I see no social logo anywhere.

(Diego) #4

Some issues solved!
I deleted the N-Spire Deux theme and then reinstalled it.
Re-opening the same project, the right Rubik font appeared.
And also the social icons.

Now I have to solve another problem: If I choose “White base background” I see a picture.
I want white background, not pictures, so I will create a white picture to use as a background.

(Andrea) #5

Ciao, ho bisogno di un aiuto.
Ho acquistato il tuo identico tema, volevo sapere come fare per inserire le icone social?
Grazie mille in anticipo.

(Diego) #6

Ciao, ho scritto nel messaggio precedente che alla fine sono riuscito a far comparire le social icons nel mio sito web.
Ho fatto due cose e non so bene quale sia stata decisiva:
1 - ho cancellato N-Spire Deux e poi l’ho reinstallato (I deleted the N-Spire Deux theme and then reinstalled it.)
2 - nei “Settings > General” ho attivato l’opzione “Consolidate CSS

(Andrea) #7

Ciao Diego grazie per avermi risposto.
Ma spiegami per favore come si fa a mettere le social icons…dove devo andare per l’inserimento?

(Diego) #8

Devi inserire il codice di ogni social, aggiungendo ovviamente il tuo link, nella “Page sidebar”, come spiegato nel manuale, al punto “Social Icons”:

Copy and paste these social icon snippets into your content or sidebar area. Once pasted, replace “#” with the page url to your social network, then highlight your social snippet code(s) and apply “Format > Ignore Formatting” from the RapidWeaver toolbar.

Questo è il mio caso:
Come vedi ho evidenziato tutto il codice e poi ho applicato “Ignore Formatting” ed è diventato rosa.

Il manuale, con tutti i diversi codici per ogni social, lo trovi nel sito di Nick Cates cliccando su “Tutorial” sotto l’icona di N-Spire Deux.