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Im struggling with the subheader, or main nav buttom when on a ios, ex: iphone.
Im on the split theme.

When i use “no header” the main.nav button disappears. Or not disappears, it doesn’t show. Because its white, as the background. But when i use “header 1” the main.nav button appears. Is it possible to change location, or position of it? or maybe make it in another color. I´ve searched heaven n hell for the css code.

I need some guidelines here.


Sorry you had to go to hell @stothey :frowning: But how was heaven?

OK… looks fine here:

That said, yes the icon burger is an SVG so you can swap it out but that requires a little theme manipulation.

How about a darker header colour?

Let me know what you are trying to achieve! :slight_smile:


@yuzool Heaven wasn’t´t much better. I was hoping for a beer and a “easy” fix :slight_smile:

The picture you took, is it a screen shot of IOS, or Android?

SVG? (im semi-new to rapidweaver and making webpage. Sorry for asking)

Im trying to get the icon to fit on in IOS safari on iphone. With that being said. I mean to fit the icon in the top header, next to the logo “nesoya tannhelse” on the right side. Just as you show in the image. But on my iphone the icon disappears.

Darker header color dosent´t solve the problem im afraid ;/ that was the first thing that i tried.

Theme manipulation, im down with that. Anything you can help me with? or can you point me in any direction?

Or just change the color of the icon burger? that would be the easiest. Dont you think? But then i need that sweet css code for it :confused:

This thread might help…


Thank you, I will look in too it :slight_smile:

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Worked like a charm. But, the final stop, before entering heaven. In the .svg file. What type of css code do i use to push the icon burger up? margin-top: dosent seem to do the trick

Try margin-top with -minus values:


I guess you’ll be on your way now :wave:

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