Moving to HTTPS: Tips, Tricks, Thoughts, Warnings?

Howdy RW Community-

I’m in the early stages of moving my ~20 page site from http to https. Anyone have any tips, tricks, thoughts, or warnings?

My biggest concern is with linkbacks to my existing site. Do I need to worry about this or is this handled through a redirect (do I even need to really worry about the link backs)?

I’m on RW 5 and will be moving everything over to RW 6 in the next couple days.


Your site will work just fine, however you must configure a redirect from http:// to https:// at your provider to catch old redirects on other site that point to http://. Most of the time you can configure redirection directly on their service portal associated with your domain. You are actually moving from (unsecure http) port 80 to (secure SSL/TLS) port 443 which is a different connection type.

Of course you also need to change the site settings in RW but you are on to that already. Good luck with your site migration :+1:t2:

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Normally, you do not have to do anything.

Redirect will be handled by the provider automatically, if you choose to have the certificate installed by him. I can only recommend to use the certification service by the provider (and maybe spend some more dollars).
If you install the certificate by yourself, a simple change in the htaccess file will do it. Contact you provider for detailed questions.

Also no RW setting must be changed, as the FTP connection will be the same.

@wphall I wrote a blog post about all parts of getting SSL set up and installed. The screenshots are slightly outdated, but the general concept and ideas are still valid. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


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Good Morning (California time)- Thank you for the insights. Very helpful. I’m hosting with Chillidog (and love it!) so this link @goinup provided is fantastic. As always, great service.

Many thanks!

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Thank you for this Gregory, Most helpful and easy to understand. I use a different hosting provider so things are a little more hands on, requiring command line and such. Again, thanks for sharing.

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You’re welcome. I’m glad it helped :slightly_smiling:

I use the Calligrapher stack throughout my site in development. One issue I’ve experienced is that this stack does not work in HTTPS. Doobox says they are working on a fix but it points to the possibility that other stacks and plug-ins may not work as expected under HTTPS. So, just the old thorough testing, on multiple platform browsers, continues to be recommended.

I added https through CloudFlare and found I had to contact various developers since many were pointing to http resources that will break SSL in certain browsers. This should be something that developers think about automatically when creating new stacks and plugins but we also have to point to https pages for external links or it will often show up as being non SSL compliant on that particular page.