Http to https migration

Anyone specialize in http to https migrations with Rapidweaver sites?

I’ve got 3 websites. Two are Wordpress and one is RapidWeaver.

I hired a guy who specializes in http to https migrations for Wordpress help me get the two Wordpress sites transitioned over. Those went well.

But he isn’t able to do my Rapidweaver site. However, he gave me this guide that he said I could do the equivalent Wordpress steps.

Unfortunately, this type of thing isn’t my every day, so I’d like to contract this out to someone who can get this done right, particularly considering the existing SEO that’s already in place.

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  1. The first step is to get a Certificate on the host.
  2. change the site web address in rapidWeaver to start with https://
  3. you then should be able to access the site with https://
  4. test for mixed content a tool like Why no padlock can be used. Check each page You may need to change all warehoused resources to use https:. You may need to contact the theme or addon developer for some changes.
  5. After and only after all mixed content has been fixed, apply redirect rules (usually with .htaccess rules or control panel changes).

Have a listen to this…


I just did this on . Basically make sure all links are https including Google Ads and other things you might not think of (I didn’t) lol. Doug and Joe got you covered in above posts.

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Yep, the day I had my host redirect to https, I was unable to republish because of “application call back” and my go-cms pages were then in conflict because the domain was different (not http)
I had to use a FTP program to delete stuff on the host server.
Definitely a good idea to search your source code for “http” after the switch.

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