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Hi, I have used RW for years and have written, amongst others, the site of my company, I used the KONZERN theme from RAPID-IDEAS which has built in language support. You basically paste in a java snippet in each page, which displays a menu for each language installed and the pages have to be in folders with the names… for example pt/sobre and en/about . I need to update this site, to display better on portable devices. I do not want to have single pages with three languages (because it confuses SEO… it seems). So…how does one upgrade a site like that. I have looked at foundry and now I think of either rewriting the site from scratch, or using the KONZERN THEME to have this multilanguage functionallity that I liked so much AND the built in portable devices adaption.
I have not written any pages in 3 years… RW has evolved quite a lot. How does one write a multilaguage site for a company nowadays?

Check out

Which will get a plain file version and add online editor option soon.


+1 for localizer it works great


Hey Jannis and Swilliam, thanks. But this seems to me as a solution that translates the SAME page.
However I would like to stay with my setup, that each page has a pt, en and de counterpart. With SEO this works better… To my (very humble…hehe) knowledge. P

Take a look at the Agent Stack by Joe Workman. You can do this kind of stuff with that stack.

Look on the bottom of this page

Exactly :+1:

There is no dedicated tool or addon available therefore. So a manual page / project duplication is still the only option therefore.

At least if there is a link to the different languages available (which is possible with Localizer Stack), Google is able to index all different languages.

If a manual duplication of the pages is better for SEO: A translation on the same page is IMHO a lot easier to perform by the page designer, which gives more advantages than any SEO improvements, which are not proven.

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