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Hey fellow weavers,

just want to get your idea on an upcoming multilingual project.
The customer has two different domains, one is for German, for English
The versions of implementation I have at the moment are:

  1. make two projects and publish, which means more work for a small project
  2. make one project primarily for the German version, using RWML for the translation and pointing the English URL to that website and let RWML handle the rest.
    Any other ideas? Feedback appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

I have several multi language websites, my preference is for one website using either RWML or Agent because ongoing maintenance is easier. Editing can be confusing at first but you soon get used to it.


Thanks for your information

I agree with Phil that RWML is the best way to do this.

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Thanks for your input

Not sure my solution is the best, but my bilingual site is in two folders (two RW documents), with two blogs, and there’s a splash page made with RWML which is a third document.

Thanks for your information. But guess 3 projects are a bit too much for a small website.

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