Multicolored colums

(Kingsley) #1

Is there a simple way to create a multicolored columns like the one on this link?

I don’t mind purchasing a stack.

Thank you.


(Kingsley) #2

I have Stacks 3 and would prefer to create the column in a stack page. Thank you.

(scott williams) #3

You can set the background color in most stacks, am I missing something?

(Rob D) #4

There is a discrepancy between what you are saying and what you are showing in your screenshot. That makes the message confusing. The screenshot shows rows rather than columns. If you mean “rows”, Scott already gave you an answer, if you mean “columns”, you would need to create a table with colored columns.

(Kingsley) #5

Hi Sott and Rob,
Thank you very much.
All sorted.