Multiple ssh keys, multiple servers

I did a quick search of this forum. I see that this was asked before, but the previous topic didn’t get any responses.

When setting up publishing, I always choose the SFTP publishing method and to Use Public Key Authentication. RapidWeaver won’t allow selecting a key that isn’t named id_rsa (it might allow id_dsa and/or id_ecdsa, I didn’t try). I usually don’t have much of an issue with this limitation, but today I kinda do.

Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 3.01.47 PM

What’s worse is that it allows selecting files in the .ssh directory that aren’t even keys, like config, authorized_keys and known_hosts.

Is there a way to select alternate keys? What’s the magic sauce?

Alright, I’ll answer my own question.

RapidWeaver doesn’t seem to like a dot in the name. This is rather irritating as there isn’t any naming convention for these files and therefore using a dot in the name is not invalid. As such, I’d definitely consider this a bug in RapidWeaver, @dan.

Anyway, while spx.id_rsa doesn’t work, both spx_id_rsa and id_rsa_spx do.

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