My client is taking the site over, needs to know what stacks & plugins are being used, how do I tell?

My client has decided to buy Rapidweaver so that he can take charge of his own website. He’s asked for information on what plugins/stacks etc are used by the site I’ve built. Is there an easy way for me to find a list of these bits and pieces so I can give him the correct information?

Well you could look at your original RW project and just make a note of which stacks etc. were used on each page…there can’t be that many, surely?

Alternatively with a browser like Chrome you can right click on the web page itself and choose View Source. When the code is displayed scroll down to the ‘Plugins insert their additional code here’ section and you’ll see a list of stacks used on the page there. Don’t know about the plugins I’m afraid…



@Gabrielle :- Please have a look at

Not sure how accurate it is but give it a try since no cost involved :slight_smile:


K thanks for the tips :-).