Determine all the stacks and add-ons used in a project

I was wondering how to accurately determine all the stacks used in a project.

If you view the source, in the beginning, it lists under a meta tag a list of stacks. Is this the entire list or do I need to go through and look elsewhere or further on in the code to determine this.

The reason I am asking is that if I want to pass off a project to someone else to maintain, I would need them to purchase the appropriate stacks, plugins, themes etc for their own installation.

I had started to put this together (only useful for published sites ) as a POC.

But there isn’t much interest in it and I think there were other ways to get the same information, so can’t see it being around too long.

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Thanks for that. It is what I needed to determine all the stacks being used.
There was a delay in me testing it as the forum was down yesterday every time I tried to access it.

I meant to ask which Friday Hangout was it?

I tested this and it looks good because it gives version numbers but it did not capture all the stacks being used.
Thank you for the link.

Don’t suppose you have a link to the site you used with it? Would love to look into it further and examples where the results are not as expected are super valuable.

The one that I noticed it missed was the Go stack which also does not appear in the list when you view the source.
The site is

Ah yes, it can only identify the stacks used on the single page referenced by the URL supplied. I don’t think there is a Go stack on your home page. When I try it with the URL for the blog page here:

It picks up the Go base and blog stacks ok:-

I should make it clearer that the app only interprets the specific page provided, but like I say it was just an idea and If JW’s method works better by reading from the Stacks build stream (or whatever it uses), then that’s going to be more useful.

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Thanks for your time.

I think you did a good job with your function.

@martef86 Frank,

I noticed you are using some stacks that are no longer available. GoCMS and DateSnap (@yabdab) are the two I saw right off the bat. You might have to replace those with something else or contact the vender(s) in order to get a new copy.

I checked on the Yabdab site and you are right, they no longer list those stacks. However at this point of time they still work OK but I appreciate your point that I may need to find alternatives for the future.
Its a bit annoying when products are dropped. Perhaps they no longer want to support them going forward.

I’ve been looking for something as well. I once used FAQMaker, and every time I open RW it wants me to update it, but I know there is no update. I just have no idea anymore what I site or pages used it on, or whether I still have anything that used it and would crash if I deleted it.

Joe’s and indricold’s method worked for me to identify the stacks used in a project.


FAQMaker is a plugin (type of page) from YourHead (@isaiah). What message are you getting saying that you need to update?

You should be able to get the latest version here. Or if you aren’t using it you can easily remove it from the addons folder.

I can’t use Indricold’s solution and run it on 800 pages
And I can’t get Joe’s script to work, as it wants to run in automator, and automator says it can’t without adding something

I see Yourhead has a new version (says nothing about free upgrade, if available), but I really don’t think I am using the actual version I have. Whybuy something if I’m not using it?

Why do you have 800 pages…No user will ever see them.
One man’s opinion !

Actually I have about 10 million visits. Pages that explain lubricants and filters, their development, analysis of used oils, savings from technology, and product explanations/specs.
Also calculators for mixtures and measuring systems, air flow, etc.

Both in English and Spanish

If you aren’t using it simply remove it from the addons folder. You can always add it back if you find you’re using it I don’t know what message that you are getting when you launch Rapidweaver, if it’s the message about not being signed then it’s not loading anyway.

Btw, both @indridcold and @joeworkman solutions are too identifying stacks used, I don’t think either would identify plugins.

My small app only works with Stacks pages.