My superflex banners are coming out blurry - Rapidweaver down samples them

I can’t figure this one out. I create a banner in photo shop, and save it for the web as a .jpg file.
It looks great when I open it in preview, nice and crisp. But when I import them into Rapidweaver 5 or 6, using superflex slide show, for some reason rapid weaver shrinks the files size and it looks blurry. For example, a banner I created was 313 k, and put it into RW with superflex. But when I preview my site from rapidweaver into firefox and save the banner image, it’s only 81 k! Hence the blurriness. How do I stop this craziness? I want to control what the banner looks like.

Do you accidentally have “Automatically resize larger images” checked in the General settings of the RapidWeaver “Preferences”?
Or maybe you have activated “Constrain Width” and “Constrain Height” in the “Layout” settings for each image inside Stacks. You can check this by double-clicking an image inside the Superflex Stack. Just uncheck these two options there and everything should look fine.

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Thanks Rapid Base, that got it! It was not the general settings, but the “constrain width and height” that was checked. I had seen the settings for each superflex SLIDE but had not actually doubleclicked the picture itself to reveal those other settings. You saved me!
Bob Cates

Great to hear you got it sorted! :smile: