Pictures getting bigger

When I published a photo gallery, I used pre-sized-down pictures, to 160KB. When I checked the published files, I realized Rapid Weaver made file sizes much larger, to around 900KB ! How come? How to avoid that?

I sized the jpegs down using Lightroom, for a better control of picture quality, I don’t like to use the “Scale Image” option, because it usually make them look very worse. But now, with almost 1 MB per picture, my site is taking too long to load.

Did you change the resolution to 72 in Lightroom or leave it at 300?

There is a setting (I can’t immediately remember where) that tells RapidWeaver to scale images to X size… might be in site settings. Do you have that checked (enabled)?


Yes, I exported from Lightroom to 1920x1280 jpeg at 72dpi with max size ajusted to 160KB. This way, they look really good, with a fairly small file size. Whenever I let Rapid Weaver re-scale this small pics, it make them look awful, pixelated and with lots of moire. I just don’t get why RW is blowing file size up! Is there an option for RW dont mess at all with pictures, just publishing the files as they are?

Check your settings in the image inspector by double clicking on the image. You probably want them set to “Scale to fit” at 100%, and also can try adjusting the “Constrain Height” and “Constrain Width” settings there. Also check to see that “Automatically Resize Larger Images” is not ticked in RW preferences.

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Sorry, but it is not working. When I double click the photo, it won’t open any inspector. It tries to open another image, in a Mac finder window, as it would replace that picture. The “media editor” will not show anything neither if the picture is in a “photo album” page, like this I am having trouble with.