Need advice on user interaction page creation

I have been running our teacher website for almost a year now and have added Sitelok to it so we can have a members only section. I have now been asked to create a page that will allow members to post items they would like to sell or give away for free. I am not concerned with collecting payment just basically allowing members to post some information about the item and possibly a picture of what they are trying to sell.

I am not sure what to even search for when looking for a tutorial or an add in. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

There used to be a way of emailing posts to a Tumblr Blog - I used it years ago so that new co-workers could introduce themselves. Whenever someone sent in a new post I’d get an email so I could approve it and then it was posted. If that’s still a Tumblr feature you could then use Stacks4Stacks free MicroBlog stack to embed the Tumblr blog into your site.

Like I say if that’s still a feature.


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@robbeattie Not since Verizon acquired Tumblr from Yahoo. “Post by email” was discontinued a long while back.

New blog posts can now only be added to Tumblr via their website / apps or approved services (like Instagram).

I believe “post by email” is still supported by Blogger. Definitely works for Wordpress too.

But I don’t know if a blog system would be wise to use for a classified ads website. I used this one in a client website a while back and it worked well:

Worth bookmarking that website. They have a couple of other good PHP scripts like a booking system.

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I don’t know if Rapidweaver is the best solution for this. Our school district uses Microsoft Teams and it is a great communication platform. It’s not perfect, but it’s made internal communication SO much better. You could create a classifieds channel in your team so that people can post things that they don’t need anymore.

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