Help completing website using Rapid Weaver 6

Hello All
This is my very first post and I hope I’m doing this correctly, apologies if I am not… I’m looking for some help. I need someone to help make a couple of changes on my website (Rapid Weaver 6) . I’m a singer/songwriter and my pianist, who is a rather fantastic musician but not a tech wizard, put together the website and it’s not too shabby but there are a few problems which we need to resolve asap.
1.) The placement of the icons, which need to be white. Moved to the upper or lower corner.
2.) The blog (we’ve just connected tumblr- which should improve the SEO I’m told?? At any rate- I need some advising… ) cannot be seen on Chrome and perhaps other browsers. We do see it in Safari. Would the ideal be to have an integrated blog? Open to ideas of further improvement. Any ideas?? Thanks!

Hi there,

Have you got the Stacks plugin?

If you have, I’d make a couple of suggestions.

  1. Use Stacks4Stacks free MicroBlog stack to pull your Tumblr blog into the site. It’ll work much better and make it look like a blog on your site, rather than taking visitors off to Tumblr itself.
  2. If you get the free Extra Content stack and set it to extra content area 4, then anything you drop into that - like your social icons) will appear almost at the bottom of the page. You could use Extra Content 2 but that will produce a box which will cover the person’s face on the front page so is probably no good!


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For question #1: I’m not familiar with that theme itself, so maybe there’s a way to do it within the theme. But, if you were ok with buying an extra stack, this seems like a good job for Target by Joe Wokrman. Or the new Action Menu by One Little Designer might be an even easier setup.

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Also, I’m looking on a Chrome browser (windows) and it isn’t loading for me. But there’s an error being thrown up on your page. I’m not exactly sure how to troubleshoot it but I’d second Rob’s suggestion of using Microblog anyway

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Thanks so much for the input robbeattie and jabostick when I’ve got Marco here will answer your questions!

Good advice, yes we have the Stacks plugin- we’ll try the microblog. Much thanks!!

Really happy as my problems have been solved. We ended up using total cms which is rather fabulous and have done an integrated blog. I sure appreciate the help of everyone especially swilliam!!