Need help finding the right stack

I’m fairly new to web creation and particularly to stacks. I have a very functional website that I’m happy with ( However, my resource page, which is meant to be the place where a customer can go to get a wide variety of information from articles and videos on a wide variety of topics, is right now just a “blog” page with categories. I’m hoping to create something that is visually more user friendly - potentially something that has a variety of boxes (each a different category) that could be clicked to take them to a series of articles. I’m thinking something more like a store page, with a description that might pop up when you hover over the box, or something like that. Any suggestions?

I do have a budget to buy the right stack, but hoping to keep it minimal.


take a look to Poster Stack



Is this section going to continue to grow?
Or is this static info?

It will continue to grow - more articles will be added under different categories, and possibly more categories could be added. At some point it will be relatively static, but not for another year or so.

Then the blog concept should be your path.

Okay - do you know of any good (inexpensive) stacks that can make for a more interesting blog page? (or perhaps there are other themes that would have a more varied page. I’ll look into that).
Thank you!

Thank you - this is a beautiful page - a bit more than I wanted to spend, and it doesn’t have the ease of categories that I was hoping for, but it’s on the right track. Thanks.

Hi Jennifer,

I’m not the first to suggest Poster but I’ve used it in a variety of ways in my teacher resources site, which may be a familiar context from what I have end of your site.
The Blog page I run as a blog. It’s all stacks so the number and arrangement of text and image stacks is my choosing. I binge write during school holidays then publish as it suits me.
Some 250 books - can be searched by reading age, setting, etc. Very easy to add additional fields. I update this about once a year.
Still Poster, except a visual emphasis and with integrated Ecwid cart.

If you know how to make a stacks page the most challenging part is finding the time to do it :slight_smile:
Hope this provides food for thought. Oh, and not having to go anywhere near MySQL! Tried that route. Never again.

Good luck


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Thank you timtempest!
Those are impressive sites - and they are close to what I’m looking for. But what I most want is a way to have boxed categories, rather than links to a longer post, just a link to a series of those posts that fit in the categories… we’ll get there…

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you for looking.
I don’t quite follow “But what I most want is a way to have boxed categories,” Do you have a link to an example?
I have links to longer posts as that’s how I wanted it to look. I could have just presented the information as is.
Poster can best be thought of as a database (without the hassle of setting up a database) that can be set to arrange any kind of stack you wish and searchable by categories, tags and authors. I have anything from 6 to 250+ posts in a given Poster page.
Getting there :slight_smile:

Thanks for hanging in here with me, Tim -

What I’m thinking is akin to a store having a page that has discreet segments on the main page: shorts, skirts, shirts, pants, etc. Usually that’d be with an image or a few other descriptive words. Then you’d click on that link, and you’d be taken to another page that had all the “products” that fit that category in one place. Now, my product is short blog-style article-p

There will be up to 250 posts, but I don’t want them to have to look to a sidebar to find a sterile and long list of categories and then be given another page where they all just list endlessly… and I would like to be able to order them, rather than have them come up by most recent date first (I could fix all the dates to make that happen, too).

I don’t know if that helps.

Hi Jennifer,

Oh yes that helps, thank you. And with my school remaining closed I can give it my full attention :slight_smile:

As luck would have it I possibly made what you are describing yesterday. Over the weekend I uploaded 200 book details (100 for 2019, 100 for 2020), tagging each one with the year, setting, and age band.
Over the weekend I wrote a blog post 100 best books as voted by librarians for 2020.

It’s not the Blog I’d like you to look at, but instead the six images in the linked post I have for middle school, high school graphic novels etc. In your case these would be images of skirts, shirts, pants etc.

If you click on the middle school books image, you will land on a page of middle school books. Ignore that side bar. I chose to have it there, but it doesn’t have to be. Each book has an image and text. In my case the image is a link. The text is in the “summary” field, and I have disabled “Main Content”. (Given we are dealing with stacks there’s no limit to what I could have for each book). I have 14 books showing before you need to click Next Page. I can set that number.

If you check the URLs for each of the links for middle school, high school, graphic novels etc you will notice that they are Categories in my Books page (Poster). All 200 books, and all of 2008-2018 books are in fact in one poster stack. Looking back at my post notice I have middle school as a text link too, again this links to a tag.

I hope that helps.

Oh, and thank you by the way, I may take your idea and convert that text based sidebar of mine into something more visual. Good point. It was originally just a handful of books as you can imagine.

Thank you and good luck.


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