Online articles archive stacks?

I have been looking for a year and have yet to find my ideal solution. Here is what I am looking for…
I am looking for a way to post articles (with images and it needs to have awesome search.) Tag support wold be awesome too.

Pages are foundation / stacks based. I have 50 years worth of articles from a hobby magazine I own and want to get it all migrated over to this. I do not need a remote editing ability

Anyone have suggestion on stacks or ideas on how to best employment this?


Even though you don’t need remote editing, TotalCMS is the answer.
It has search, tags, categories, author. You can relate articles to each other. Filter results by tag, category, author. And search.

Thanks for the info. WOW Total CMS has come a long way from when I looked at it a year ago. It has what I need! I bought it the other day. Having issues with Search only searching text that is in the summery and not the actual blog content. But other then that looks to be good option!

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