Need help modify my custom menu in tiger pop

(TC Carr) #1

I have the below code in the sitewide code section. Using the Tiger Pop theme it produces this result
The customer want the text “within” the rails not to the left as it is now. Any suggestions?

#navcontainer a {
font-size: 1.5em;
width: 190px;
padding: 5px 5px 0px 5px;
height: 62px;
border-top: 0px solid #aeaeae;
border-bottom: 0px solid #aeaeae;
background: url(%resource(Sn3_200.png)%) no-repeat;

#navcontainer #current {
background: url(%resource(Sn3_200.png)%) no-repeat;

#navcontainer a:hover {
background: url(%resource(Sn3_200.png)%) no-repeat;

#navcontainer a {
background: url(%resource(Sn3_200.png)%) no-repeat;

(scott williams) #2

Try this:
navcontainer a {
padding-top:20px !important

oh, wait, just change it in the top section
I may be confused with what “within the rails” means

(TC Carr) #3

Thanks but no cigar:(
I need to move over the text only, not the background pic.

(scott williams) #4

so you want to move the text right, not down on top of the cross pieces then?

(scott williams) #5

navcontainer li{

(TC Carr) #6

Correct. But padding the navcontainer moves the whole button. Text and pic. I want to move the text only.

(TC Carr) #7

dont follow:(
I’m a newb at RW and modern coding. Were do I place that snippet?


(scott williams) #8

just put it with the rest of your custom CSS add a ; at the end
it “should” align the text in the list to center

(TC Carr) #9

That did center the text but didnt change the margins. The customer wants the text to be only between the rails.

(Stuart) #10

While the image is the background upon which the text sits, thats not going to be possible. Adjustments to the text position will impact the background image causing a relative degree of disconnection between the vertical track connectors.

Would you be willing to tolerate that? If so use:-

#navcontainer a {
        background-position: 0px 10px;

If not, then its time to start thinking about how to layer the nav text over the background to enable adjustment of the text without causing a relative (and negating) shift in the background image.

(TC Carr) #11

No Joy:(

I know I can control the text-align property. Is there any way to use that or similar to set a margin?

(TC Carr) #12

Not sure how to do that and it is almost Shabbat so no time for it till tomorrow night.