Need help to setup tabs stack (Joe Workman)

Hi, please advice how could I change of fix Title area width of Joe Workman’s Tabs stack meaning that in vertical alignment it becomes two columns. Unfortunately it receives only text and its responsive feature wraps Title text without any manageable rules.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean but I am sure that you can enter html in the tab text area. This might help?

Yes, it works including php.

are you asking about the Tabulous stack or the Tabs stack in Foundations?!

No. I asked about Tabs from Stacks package.

Just to preventing creating new topics please advice where could I find documentation on Stacks API as I tried but found nothing (just only github page with nothing in file). I need to add some JS code and need to add Ids to stacks or somehow rely on them. As I see on source page most of them have stacks_out_*** / stacks_in_*** ids and inside rapidweaver also Uid. I guess it is better to use less time consuming methods to add functionality so please advice on above.

Rds, Alexey

Alexey: I realize English is likely not your first language but what you write is very confusing. First you state:

fix Title area width of Joe Workman’s Tabs stack

… so then Rob asks you a question and then you respond that it’s not one of Joe’s Foundations stacks but:

about Tabs from Stacks package

So at this point I have no idea what you’re asking about. There is no default Tabs stack that comes with the generic Stacks installation. Is there a specific tabs stack you are using? (Several developers offer tab-style stacks) and could you provide a URL to the relevant page. Otherwise this is very hard to figure out.

I meant Tabs from Foundation Starter pack. There is also separate Tabulous stack but it is not what I meant. Sorry for misunderstanding.

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