Vertical Tab stack

I’m after a vertical tab stack, rather like Joe’s Foundation Tabs, where you can list the tabs down the left hand side and then, when you click each one in turn, the content associated with that tab is displayed on the right.

Anyone got a good one?



Rails could be a contender?

Oooh, that’s a good shout. Thanks.

Any others anyone?


@robbeattie Rails is very good. If you use Foundry then there might be a great option upcoming in a new “pack” of Foundry stacks. If you don’t use Foundry already then ignore. And I can’t officially confirm/deny anything. :slight_smile:


I do have Foundry Matthew, so thanks for the suggestion. I’m looking for something I can use to organise different pages to be edited using EasyCMS. Joe’s stack works great in Foundation but I don’t want to use that for this site.


I’d suggest contacting Adam about this possible stack. He may or may not chose to give you an estimated delivery date on the new stacks. And may or may not give you a preview of the stack I’m hinting out. I’m guessing (and it’s only that) that the new pack will be released in July, probably much sooner than end of July.

Foundry Glide stack is very similar to Rails.

in the description it says align tabs vertical top or bottom, but I dont see any examples on the demo page. perhaps someone who owns the stack can chime in

I looked at that as well but like you didn’t see an example of vertical tabs.


what about this:

Another good suggestion.

In case you have the stack already, I think you might be able to re-purpose Filter by Yabdab as well?

Just wanted to say that I bought Rails in the end. I’m having some problems with the FA icons but have a call into Nick and am confident it’s an easy fix. Apart from that I really like it and think it could be a good solution for building CMS back ends going forward.

So thanks again for the suggestion.


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