Need help with Top Bar Menu alignment in Foundation


I use Foundation from Joe Workman and have a Top Bar Menu. Now I want to place a link to the right side of this menu where People can give me a call.

The Problem is, that a Candy Bar Button or a Header beside this menu is shown around 40 or 50 px below the menu. What can I do to have them in one line without giving the Menu a 50 px top margin?

Menu and Button are in a 2 column Foundation.

Thans for help!


P.s. the two pics below show the Problem

Try using BWD’s Grummage 2Col stack. It has a Vertical Center option which will do what you want.

and/or BWD’s Chroma Pro

Chroma Pro is working, thanks!

Just an FYI, TOpBar has a built in extra content area for this kind of thing you can put it ledtbor right and just drop a stack inside.

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