New Blog Plug-in Page Type

Opportunity for Developer?

Since Realmac seems to have relegated the Blog plugin to EOL (end of life) status, has anyone thought of building a flat HTML blog page plugin (not stack) like the current RW version but implement the ability to edit the header meta data?

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I don’t think there is any point. The many Stacks solutions are so much more flexible than a blog page plug-in could possibly be.

That’s is exactly the point! Just looking for a 1-trick pony that does it very very well!

I agree that there’s room for something here. I use the blog page to do very rare news updates. For my purposes, setting up an entire CMS is way overkill, and I’m not interested in using a third-party blog hosting service like Tumblr. I’d be thrilled with something that was just like the blog that RW provides, but with the ability to drop stacks into the blog itself.

You can expect something like this soon…


Let me know if you want early feedback. :slight_smile: